Too late for sunset.

I didn't expect to get away with a decent shot yesterday evening. Because I arrived to this local spot a little bit to late. Right after sunset. I though all color and detail in the sky was gone by the time I was there.

De Beegderheide. Probaly my favorite landscape location close to home.

Rushing out of the car getting all my gear ready, I didn't even look up the sky that much. Because I was, yeah rushing myself. As soon when I had me gear ready to go I started walking towards the waterfront, and actually really came to a sudden halt. Wow!!
How wrong was I? There was still quite some drama up in the sky! This fine image is the result of my amazement and awe admiration for gorgeous sunsets during sunset. Or in this case, a little bit after, haha.

Tech: Nikon D500 & Nikon 17-55mm F2.8 ED DX

"Brand new" photographs from Iceland

Oh my! Today I was working on editing photographs for a beautiful wedding I shot earlier this year. And editing these wedding photos got me really in the mood to edit some more of my travel/landscape photographs. Although I have a lot of new content waiting to be processed and presented to you, for example: my recent trip to Denmark, Sweden and Germany last week. But even still, I always keep on scrolling through my Iceland maps on my PC. I think that I have edited most photos in these folders like multiple times. But I have only shared the "best" shots before. There's just something about these shots that makes me coming back to them and play around with new ideas how to create a nice look and feel.

Obviously this results in a lot of photographs that are just sitting on my computer and never being posted anywhere for you to see them. Well, today is the day that I decided to present you a selection of photographs from my Iceland trip back in June last year.

The very well known Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall just outside the town of Grundarfjörður.

The very well known Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall just outside the town of Grundarfjörður.

All, or at least most shots have never left my computer before. The most of the photographs you will see in this post were taken on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the west of the country and in the more north western located Westfjords region. 

A very typical view down the number 61 road just outside of Hólmavík towards Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. 

A very typical view down the number 61 road just outside of Hólmavík towards Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. 

As soon as you leave the town of Hólmavík going up north deeper into the Westfjords you will make this climb up onto this plateau that is snow covered for at least a decent amount, all year round. Temperatures were also quite low, even in June. Back in Hólmavík it was 16 degrees Celsius and sunny for example. Only to meet temperatures just above freezing point as soon as I got up on the highest point of the climb. I loved it, these temperatures and the not so sunny but moody weather hit the feels, and made me really enjoy Iceland in all its pureness.

Little and beautiful church in Breiðabólstaðar on Snæfellsnes

Little and beautiful church in Breiðabólstaðar on Snæfellsnes

Churches, those small beautiful and very typical Icelandic countryside churces. They are everywhere. From the famous church in Vik down in the south to the ones that almost nobody even knows about them being there. this particular one in Breiðabólstaðar on Snæfellsnes being one of them. Its is literally located in the middle of nowhere. It is located on the road between Búðardalur and Stykkishólmur. Its serving a bunch of farms that are spread out in the area surrounding the church. Walking up to it, hearing nothing but the wind. No people, no cars, just me and this holy place in beautiful Iceland really moved me. I am not super religious or something, but there is no denying the beauty of these small houses of God. Especially those in Iceland that look like this, right?  

You will see a lot of (old and new) bridges crossing these streams or river, throughout the country.

You will see a lot of (old and new) bridges crossing these streams or river, throughout the country.

Iceland is rough, and it can be rough to travel and get around. Not as much as it used to be back in the days ofcourse. But I can only imagine how times were before people had the ring road, or even cars to go from place to place. A fundamental piece to the puzzle for Icelanders (and tourists these days) to travel the country are bridges. And just like the churches, a lot of them. Basically every stream or flow of water you see close to a road will have a or even multiple bridges. There are these very photogenic bridges that are not in use anymore that really make a little stop for a few shots a must for whenever you are exploring the country. This particular bridge is located just north from Búðardalur next to the road towards and coming from the Westfjords.

Snowcapped mountain peaks on Snæfellsnes

Snowcapped mountain peaks on Snæfellsnes

The Snæfellsnes area is often called "mini-Iceland" because it has every kind of landscape that you can find on other places in the country. Glaciers, fjord like bays, lava fields, sharp peaks, black beaches, waterfalls and quite some lakes just to name a few. Below are a few more shots taken in Snæfellsnes.

Driving on Snæfellsnes is great fun, there's plenty of decent and paved roads that will take you to the most know places, like Kirkjufellsfoss and Arnarstapi. But there are also quite a lot of these rough gravel roads. These are the roads that I enjoyed driving the most. Less people (at least tourists) use them so its usually quite nice to be able to slowly make your way on these twisting and turning and sometimes challenging roads. Behind every corner hides a marvelous view towards the sea, or the mountains or anything else amazing Iceland will throw at you. Take your time and enjoy these sights instead of just always following the "easy roads"

Driving on Snæfellsnes is a great experience, it can be tricky sometimes. But you get treated with breathtaking views!

Driving on Snæfellsnes is a great experience, it can be tricky sometimes. But you get treated with breathtaking views!

the town of Grundarfjörður on the right, as seen from the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. 

the town of Grundarfjörður on the right, as seen from the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. 

To end this blog in style I thought it'd be cool to show you a shot from the same location as the first photo in this blog post. Although the same location this photograph looks quite a bit different. All I did is just move away from shooting the very beautiful but intensely photographed waterfall and mountain. I just aimed my camera a bit more to the right to reveal the little town of Grundarfjörður in the distance. Grundarfjörður is a very nice and small fishing village that is growing in population as we speak. It is still a small town though, there are about 875 people living in Grundarfjörður if I am correct. It is very popular due to the mountain and waterfall laying just right outside the town. Anyways, the real story behind this photo is; Don't always go for the classic shot, look around, try to use some different angles and come up with some other shots. There is probably so much more to capture then just that one frame you had in mind, Get creative!

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þakka þér kærlega fyrir! / Thank you very much

Sunrise at the Boschmolenplas

This past weekend I had one of those nights again, where I couldn't get any sleep at night. My mind just keeps racing. So what I needed was to go out, that always makes me calm and takes away a bit from all the things that are going on in my head haha. 6 am and I am at this lake. Catching the sunrise, there's not much more to the story! I loved going out, and after coming back I had a little nap and slept like a baby. So there you go, this shows once more that clearing your head in nature is a very nice thing to be able to do.

Have a look at the shots right here, and I also shot a video for this trip. Check it out!
(Yes I notice how I often I mention how tired I am in this video, forgive me, I was so knackered)

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Out and About 3: Großer De-Witt-See & Ferkensbruch

With the weekend in front of me I decided to end my week with a nice little outdoor photo session. I was going to have to drive a bit for work anyways, so why not make a little detour on the way home and take my camera gear with me? Right? Right! I had been scouting Google Maps for a little bit the past few days for nice locations in Germany, just across the border. My recent trip to the Krickenbecker Seen in Hombergen got me going to find more similar places.

So in doing so I came across two places pretty close to each other that might make interesting photo locations. I am talking about the Großer De-Witt-See & Ferkensbruch. Both situated close to Lobberich in North Rhine Westphalia. Lobberich is situated some 15 minutes away from Venlo, The Netherlands. So really, this place is around the corner. I love living close to other countries. So much.

I found the Großer De-Witt-See quite nice. Calm little lake with lots of nature around it. 
This resulted in me shooting a nice set of photographs of the place. Have a look at the gallery below. (Click the images to see them in full size)

Ferkensbruch was a little bit disappointing, small, not much nice viewpoints over the water and a little bit of a boring place. You can't win them all. I do have one nice photo from that place though. All in all not a bad way to start my weekend, and being able to enjoy the outdoors like this is really all that counts anyways.



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Little local trip

This blogpost is crammed with pics that I shot tonight while I was out with my scooter. The weather was great, and my mood was even better. All shots are local, its amazing how beautiful  your own local area is. Just as long as you go out, and venture into it! 

Try looking different at locations you've seen before, make that extra little trip around the corner and see what else is out there! Anyways, here are my photographs from tonight!

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Maternity Photoshoot

Yesterday I got to photograph my good friends. My friends that are expecting a baby very soon. We just headed out into the "Beegderheide" (nice local area with beautiful nature you have probably seen photographs of on my site before)

The weather looked like it was going to spoil the fun. But in the end we got lucky. Very lucky. The sun peeped through the clouds and made everything look so nice. It was as if it knew we were going to shoot right there right then. 

We ended up with a lot of good photographs that really show how happy these guys are with meeting their new family member very soon. Can't you tell? Just look at them :)

El Peñon de Ifach, Spain

Last year in September we went to Spain with the family (again, haha) just to have a good time together, and enjoying Spain basically. We went to Moraira, a nice and little coastal town that is located on the Costa Blanca strip. Back in 2011 we basically did the same trip, stayed in the same town and accommodation and sort of had a similar holiday. It was that good in 2011 that we decided to do it all over again.

A short drive from Moraira is Calpe, a little bit bigger, more tourism, more high rises and sandy beaches. Just as you would imagine the Spanish coast would be. But also home to a quite known landmark, the El Peñon de Ifach. It basically is a giant rock sitting on the shore next to the town. In the old times the rock was a strategic lookout point for locals providing them with perfect views of the sea and the surrounding towns. 

It is the smallest nature park in Spain, perhaps even in Europe. But when you are standing at its foot it is quite intimidating. It is 332m tall, and it is also home to over 300 species of animals and numerous rare plants. The rock has this awesome hike trail that takes you all the way up to the top. Its quite a heavy and tricky climb to get to the highest point. But the views are amazing. Have a look at these pics below, stunning views right?


Normandy, France, 2015

Back in September 2015 I went to France with my wife, brother and sister and my brother in law. Reason? You guessed it, no reason needed to go to France, that's always a good idea. We just went on a nice little family roadtrip together. Going away for a bit, breathe some fresh air and have some quality time together in a beautiful area.
And obviously I took my camera with me to snap some landscapes. Here's a small collection of the photographs I came back home with.


My brother in law is taking some long exposure shots here, go follow him on 500px

We went to Normandy, to the towns of Etretat and Fécamp. Both are incredibly beautiful towns located at the Atlantic shore. Situated between the cities of Dieppe and Le Havre.
The weather was as you expect for this area in September, sunny and warm, but not boiling. Just perfect to go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Étretat is best known for its chalk cliffs, including three natural arches and a pointed formation called L'Aiguille or the Needle, which rises 70 metres (230 ft) above the sea. The Etretat Chalk Complex, as it is known, consists of a complex stratigraphy of Turonian and Coniacian chalks. Some of the cliffs are as high as 90 metres (300 ft). Nature has carved fabulous shapes out of the white cliffs at Etretat. The extraordinary site drew Impressionist painters aplenty.  Another startling attraction is the cliff-top golf course.

Fécamp, long exposure

Fécamp is situated in the valley of the Valmont river, at the heart of the Pays de Caux, on the Albaster Coast. It is around 35 km northeast of Le Havre, and around 60 km northwest of Rouen. Fécamp has a population of roughly 20.000 people.

The history of Fécamp has always revolved around the fishing industry and its harbour (first mentioned in the 11th century). The beach in Fécamp, like many in this area, is shingle rather than sand—that is, made up of small rocks. The falaises make for a dramatic setting. To the north of the town is the Cap Fagnet, with beautiful views of the town and the English channel.