Jökulsárlón, Iceland

So, I just came back earlier this week from another trip to Iceland. I was booked to shoot some wedding portraits on Iceland's south coast. There will be a separate blog post containing some images from shooting with this amazing couple sometime soon. 

I will start sharing some images that I took during my time in Iceland. It has, as always been amazing again!

Another and probably one of the most visited/photographed locations in Iceland. The Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

But you can clearly see why. It is so beautiful! It feels like being on another planet when you stand at the lagoon, watching over these floating pieces of icy art.

Spring is here!

The temperatures are rising again, the trees and flowers are turning green and colorful again. People awake from their winter sleep and head out into nature. As much as I love the winter, Spring is always welcome. I just love the seasons, as they pass. They all bring their own beautiful assets to the table.

Therefore my wife and I decided it was time for a little bit of outdoor fun today. And we drove down to the south of the province that we live in (Limburg) To the town and area around Gulpen. Its so gorgeous. Super green, nice hills (which are rare in The Netherlands) and we just had the best weather for a decent hike. Below are some shots from our day in Gulpen, check them out. And if you ever are in the area be sure to make your way outside of the town for a bit, to get a amazing panoramic view over the town

*All shots in this blogpost were shot on my Iphone 8 and edited with the VSCO photo editor.

Panorama of Gulpen

Romantisch Kessel, hoe het was en is...

Vandaag in "mijn" Kessel wezen fotograferen, en wel: een hele mooie expositie met allerlei beeldmateriaal uit en rondom het prachtige Kessel, waar ik geboren en opgegroeid ben. "Romantisch Kessel, hoe het was en is..." is een expositie met beeldmateriaal van toen en nu. Denk aan foto's, schilderijen, films, archeologische vondsten en een mooie maquette (die mijn Opa, Piet van Nunen vroeger nog gemaakt heeft).

Als echte Kesselse vond ik het een hele eer om deze mooie expositie vast te mogen leggen in het prachtige Kasteel de Keverberg. Ik heb gefotografeerd, maar ook een kort filmpje gemaakt.

Delen van het filmpje, de foto's of deze gehele webpagina wordt op prijs gesteld! (wel graag met vermelding)

Ria Joosten - Kemie Helmond

Afgelopen maandag heb ik voor Ria Joosten Catering & Evenementen een hele mooie opening en een bedrijfsjubileum mogen fotograferen bij Kemie - Keukenbladen in Helmond. Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden kun je bij Ria Joosten terecht voor de organisatie of catering van je congres, personeelsfeest, opening, jubileum, bruiloft, avondje uit of een babyborrel.
Ria Joosten is gevestigd in Neer, Midden-Limburg en al sinds jaar en dag een begrip in heel Limburg. Zeg je catering, dan zeg je Ria Joosten!


Smaak, sfeer & meer, dat is het motto van Ria Joosten, en zeg nu zelf. Als je deze foto's ziet is dat wat er enorm vanaf spat! Het team dat aanwezig was in Helmond wist de perfecte combinatie te vinden van kei hard werken, super gastvrij te zijn en heel erg lekker eten te bereiden voor de gasten. Echte professionals aan het werk. Het was dan ook een genot om hier als fotograaf aanwezig te mogen zijn en dit evenement vast te mogen leggen. Hier een aantal foto's van de zeer geslaagde avond.

Lightroom Preset: Blue forest

I have been playing around with creating my own presets for Lightroom. This preset actually comes from another preset that I recently made. Have you seen the blog post about the band shoot I had with the guys in Probation? Yes? Noticed the tones, and the look of those shots. Now take a look at these. Right! It basically is the same preset. I have only tweaked it a little bit to just fit a little bit better for landscape/outdoor shots. 

As I was fooling around with the preset I applied it on some older shots. These shots were taken on a dayytip to Germany back in Januari. What do you think? Do you think it works?

What kind of look and tone would you give these shots? Let me know in the comment section below. Also, I am giving away this preset for free. All you have to do is send me message on facebook and share this post on social media! 

Faroe Islands

Hi all, I am super stoked to announce that I will finally be going to the Faroe Islands!! Its officialy going to happen later on in 2018. I will go out on a 9 day trip, exploring this amazing country that has been on my wishlist for quite a while now. I am beyond excited! 

And this is only the first of a few other amazing announcements I have coming up for 2018. Next year is going to be so awesome!

Faroe Islands

Danish Lighthouse: Rubjerg Knude Fyr

The cool breeze, the smell of the ocean, the sandy dunes, the silence, and the stunning lighthouse. Rubjerg Knude Fyr!

Ever since I found out about this location, which is several years ago already I've wanted to visit this place so bad.
It really is one of the "Must Photograph" places that keeps popping up on the internet. There's a decent amount of great photographs online. The place just looks so unreal from all the shots I've seen, so I really wanted to see and visit this location myself, so badly. For some reason I never got round to doing so. But then finally, on my trip to Denmark last month I finally was able to spend some time at this super awesome location. Its crazy to imagine that I've been to Denmark for about 10 times in the past few years and never made it there before. Well this time I made it happen!!

My wife and me left early in the afternoon from our accommodation in mid Jutland. We paid the city of Aalborg a little visit before finally making it to the beach in Løkken. From the parking lot to the beach/cliff it was a little bit of a walk, around 20 minutes I would say.

People walking up the dunes towards the lighthouse, seen from the trail leading into the dunes. Used my 18-200mm for this shot to create this interesting composition. 

People walking up the dunes towards the lighthouse, seen from the trail leading into the dunes. Used my 18-200mm for this shot to create this interesting composition. 

After making it up onto the sandy dunes the views keep getting better and better. I took this very minimalistic shot of nothing but the sky, the dunes and the lighthouse.
There's just so much opportunities for awesome compositions.  

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is on the top of Lønstrup Klint (cliff), 60 metres (200 ft) above sea level. Until 1908 it operated on gas which it produced from gasworks on the site.
Both shifting sands and coastal erosion are a serious problem in the area. The coast is eroded on average 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) a year, which can be seen most clearly at the nearby Mårup Church. Built around 1250, the church was originally 1 kilometer (0.62 mi) from the coast, but was dismantled in 2008 to prevent its falling into the sea.

The lighthouse ceased operating on August 1, 1968. For a number of years, the buildings were used as a museum and coffee shop, but continually shifting sands caused them to be abandoned in 2002. By 2009, the small buildings were severely damaged by the pressure of the sand and were later removed. It is expected that the tower will fall into the sea by 2023.

Minimalism you say? yes... the sky, the dunes, the lighthouse.... nothing more. I loved it.

Minimalism you say? yes... the sky, the dunes, the lighthouse.... nothing more. I loved it.

I really planned out our visit really well, I figured that going around sunset would be nice, for the conditions obviously. But I was also hoping that it would not be super crowded. We really hit the jackpot, we definitely made the right choice. At first there were some people around, as you would expect for such amazing views. But later on we had the whole area for ourselves. Really happy with that. Finally making it to this place, being there alone for quite a while, the conditions and just being in Denmark again was hitting me right in the feels. These days are golden.

Here are some more shots, enjoy the stunning views. Thanks for checking this blog out.
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