Crossing borders

This weekend I had some friends over from Iceland. A friend I’ve met through a photography job in Iceland a couple of years ago. He worked as part of the crew of a film that I was shooting the behind the scenes images for. We have a very good connection, straight away. and a growing friendship. I have stayed at his house in Iceland since that time we worked together. And I will do so again in the future. It is amazing how these things work. You meet so many nice people through work, and by just being yourself, polite and kind you make the best connections and friendships ever. I am so thankful for meeting this dude and call him a good friend by now.

So my friend and his lovely partner were over in The Netherlands for a few days, they decided to come our way. And we got to spend a good day and a half in our area. My wife and I took them out to a place called “Drielandenpunt” The place where 3 country borders meet. The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

For people from Iceland this is something unique and special, the only border they have obviously is the ocean. So they were pumped to see this place, and literally hop borders. So that’s what we did. Jumped in the car, drove for one hour roughly, and hopped the borders a few times. At first we were a little disappointed by the weather, grey, foggy and just a little mehh… But in the end the conditions were actually really nice! Very mystical and moody. With no other camera on me then just my phone I snapped the following shots, what do you think?

Winter in the forest

This image just screams: cold

My friend taking in the moody scenery.

Very dramatic and moody feel!

International handshake? Check!

Bottom line: Friendships are on of the most valuable things you can have. They can be worldwide, and cross all borders. Always.

Foggy forest

This morning we finally had some rain, after a few very dry and warm days. I was so happy it rained and cooled down a bit. On my way to work I spotted this forest with some nice looking fog in it. You know I can't resist such things. Parked the car, walked into the forest and snapped some shots (with my phone) Here are the results!

Nice and moody morning in the forest

Nice and moody morning in the forest

Too late for sunset.

I didn't expect to get away with a decent shot yesterday evening. Because I arrived to this local spot a little bit to late. Right after sunset. I though all color and detail in the sky was gone by the time I was there.

De Beegderheide. Probaly my favorite landscape location close to home.

Rushing out of the car getting all my gear ready, I didn't even look up the sky that much. Because I was, yeah rushing myself. As soon when I had me gear ready to go I started walking towards the waterfront, and actually really came to a sudden halt. Wow!!
How wrong was I? There was still quite some drama up in the sky! This fine image is the result of my amazement and awe admiration for gorgeous sunsets during sunset. Or in this case, a little bit after, haha.

Tech: Nikon D500 & Nikon 17-55mm F2.8 ED DX

Strabrechtse Heide

I am an idiot. But sometimes its nice to be an idiot.
So I went out to shoot some landscape and sunset shots last night, at the Strabrechtse Heide. Very cool, all good. Only to forget how big this natural heath land is. 

So the entire distance that I had walked from where I had parked my car needed to be covered again. I am talking quite some kilometers here. And all in the dark. Now, walking our hiking in the dark is no issue. But at this place it gets DARK!! 

About 30 minutes before the sun went down

About 30 minutes before the sun went down

Trust me, hiking this place in the dark was no joke. It got my adrenaline levels right up, because there's wild boars, wild Highland cattle probably not super happy with me strolling through their habitat during breeding season. While I am actually also managing to find my way back in the pitch black forest. 

But hey, that's my dose of adventure for this week! Haha... But let me tell you, I was quite happy to make it out of the forest a bit faster then usual this time...

Quality time with mother nature.

Quality time with mother nature.

Check out more images in the gallery below. Click on them to see the original aspect ratio.
Thanks again for looking at my work, it means a lot to me. Feel free to comment and share.

Spring is here!

The temperatures are rising again, the trees and flowers are turning green and colorful again. People awake from their winter sleep and head out into nature. As much as I love the winter, Spring is always welcome. I just love the seasons, as they pass. They all bring their own beautiful assets to the table.

Therefore my wife and I decided it was time for a little bit of outdoor fun today. And we drove down to the south of the province that we live in (Limburg) To the town and area around Gulpen. Its so gorgeous. Super green, nice hills (which are rare in The Netherlands) and we just had the best weather for a decent hike. Below are some shots from our day in Gulpen, check them out. And if you ever are in the area be sure to make your way outside of the town for a bit, to get a amazing panoramic view over the town

*All shots in this blogpost were shot on my Iphone 8 and edited with the VSCO photo editor.

Panorama of Gulpen

Romantisch Kessel, hoe het was en is...

Vandaag in "mijn" Kessel wezen fotograferen, en wel: een hele mooie expositie met allerlei beeldmateriaal uit en rondom het prachtige Kessel, waar ik geboren en opgegroeid ben. "Romantisch Kessel, hoe het was en is..." is een expositie met beeldmateriaal van toen en nu. Denk aan foto's, schilderijen, films, archeologische vondsten en een mooie maquette (die mijn Opa, Piet van Nunen vroeger nog gemaakt heeft).

Als echte Kesselse vond ik het een hele eer om deze mooie expositie vast te mogen leggen in het prachtige Kasteel de Keverberg. Ik heb gefotografeerd, maar ook een kort filmpje gemaakt.

Delen van het filmpje, de foto's of deze gehele webpagina wordt op prijs gesteld! (wel graag met vermelding)

Into the woods with my new friend.

I went out on a little photo trip with my new friend Chris Kuik. We have been planning to go and shoot for quite some time now. Also, I have been talking to Chris online for about 2 years, but we've never actually met before. So strange because we don't live that far away from each other and we both share the same passion for photography. Funny situation.

So finally this happened. We went out and just had a good time enjoying the nature and snapping shots. Hope we can go on similar trips more often from now on. Have a look at some of the pics we took. 

New camera / Nikon D500

So recently I had to buy a new camera. Something I didn't plan on doing just yet. It was more of a necessity than anything else...

My good old Nikon D7000, that I will be using still even though its not 100% reliable anymore... Will mainly use it for some landscapes and some videos probably. I can't let it go, it's still a very capable camera

Reason why? My trusty good old Nikon D7000 kind of broke down on me. I was happily shooting away with it on this recent event photo job I got booked for. When suddenly this error showed up on my display. At first it looked like it was only a coincidental error so I didn't bother too much about it. But then it kept coming back, and back, and back... I was going crazy. It seems that the mechanism of the shutter is worn out. If I take a photo more than 50% of the time the shutter "fails". So though the camera still "functions" it's just not reliable anymore. Sending it in for repairs is probably out of question, I probably have lost warranty after years of use. But I am not getting rid of this camera, not at all. I can see myself still using the Nikon D7000 for landscapes, and some video purposes. But its not usable on jobs anymore where every moment and every click should be captured instead of hoping the camera actually taking the photo. (Luckily I had a Nikon D3100 on me as backup to photograph the event, all turned out well in the end)

My new camera, the Nikon D500. a true masterpiece. FX quality camera in a DX format body.

So, it was now time to purchase a new camera, because. Yes... I can't be running around with a sketchy camera. I need my gear to work. I have been looking to get a obvious step up from my Nikon D7000 for some time, but now I had too anyways. So, its was time to decide. Do I go FX or do I stick with DX? With most of lenses being DX and not having the budget to invest in a FX body with a set of FX lenses I decided to stick with DX. But the next question was, what camera is a step up from my Nikon D7000, is it going to be the 7100/7200/7500 or maybe even the D500. Some sleepless nights later comparing specs I decided to go for Nikon's DX flagship, the incredible D500. I just felt that stepping up from the 7K series was the right thing to do, and really take it up a notch while still being it a DX camera. There's no better DX camera then the Nikon D500. 

Some short facts about the D500: 20.9mp APS-C sensor, iso 52. AF system is the same as in the Nikon D5 (Nikon's FX top model) 10fps continuous shooting. 4K 30fps, 1080p 60fps, high iso (up to 51.200) and so on... Its basically a professional FX camera with all these specs. But just with a DX sensor. The right choice for me considering the amount of DX lenses I use.  

The Nikon D500 and the Nikon D7000 next to each other. Its obvious that the D500 is the bigger adult brother of the D7000. Both camera's are totally awesome.

Below are two first landscape photo's I shot with the Nikon D500. I really love how fast it focuses even in low light. Image quality and dynamic range are impressive. Certainly improved here compared to the D7000. I am aware the D500 is more of a sports/wildlife camera with its AF system and 10fps burst mode. But I can't see why it won't make a bad ass landscape camera too. Do you agree?


Sunset on the Beegderheide.

I have also tested out the video function on the D500 for a little bit. Watch in 4K!

Little local trip

This blogpost is crammed with pics that I shot tonight while I was out with my scooter. The weather was great, and my mood was even better. All shots are local, its amazing how beautiful  your own local area is. Just as long as you go out, and venture into it! 

Try looking different at locations you've seen before, make that extra little trip around the corner and see what else is out there! Anyways, here are my photographs from tonight!

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Recently I have been gaining quite some interest for Astrophotography. I have always loved these great images of night skies and star trails and such, but never saw myself take any photographs like that. Because I always thought that the techniques and materials you would need for this were out of reach for me.

I have been talking to my friend Asgeir from Iceland about shooting the stars for quite a bit for the past few weeks, and have to admit that his work and our conversations inspired me to give it a decent go. He basically nails this type of photography. His work are master pieces. He has provided me with plenty of very useful tips and the motivation to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, thanks buddy! (Check out Asgeir's great photographs right here

So below you can see what I managed to push out of my camera. I don't have a full frame camera, and my widest lenses are both at F3.5 only. For this type of photography you would really want a "fast" lens (with apertures ranging from F1.4 to F2.8) so F3.5 isn't that bad at all, but it comes with a little challenge. There is slightly less "light" hitting the sensor compared to a F1.8 for example. I had the ISO up to 3200 for both shots, which is still pretty good on my "old" D7000 but also showing that from there grain and noise become much more visible and a disturbing factor. I did edit both pictures in Lightroom and Photoshop to try and get the best quality out of these images. And I am pretty happy with how they came out, what do you think?

Anyways, I am back off to saving some more money to reach the point of possibly upgrading my body and lenses to something more powerful and capable, for experimenting a bit more with this type of photography.