Arjan Wilmsen

I am an adventurous photographer with an insane passion for Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.
I am based in the south east of The Netherlands.
Nothing beats the pure, raw and breathtaking experience of being outside in these places capturing images and creating memories.
This intense passion sees me making trips to the great north at least once a year if not more.

I have been into photography since my early teens. Ever since I got my first digital camera as a gift. Not long after I moved on and started exploring DSLR cameras, and making photography a part of my life. Not a day goes by without me doing something photography related.

Sitting still and being inactive is not something for me. I am always on the move, travelling, discovering and exploring new places.
Learning new things and meeting new people. Packed with my camera of course.

Specialized in landscape / outdoor photography. But also experienced with wedding, event, concert, and portrait photography. 

I am available for international bookings.
You can contact me at: arjanwilmsen@gmail.com or get in touch with me on social media.

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