Early and foggy morning

This morning I was up early and saw that it was foggy out. Thats a situation perfect for some moody morning shots. Not something I wanted to miss. It has been a while since I've done a early morning session with fog. So out we went! I spotted this field with some horses. Now I am not a big horse fan, lets say I respect them a lot. Well... actually I was afraid of them when I was younger. They are so big and strong. I always had mad respect for these animals. But now I am kind of cool with them. So I walked up to two very curious and friendly horses and just hung out with them for a bit. That was actually pretty nice. Check out the photo's below!

Sunrise at the Boschmolenplas

This past weekend I had one of those nights again, where I couldn't get any sleep at night. My mind just keeps racing. So what I needed was to go out, that always makes me calm and takes away a bit from all the things that are going on in my head haha. 6 am and I am at this lake. Catching the sunrise, there's not much more to the story! I loved going out, and after coming back I had a little nap and slept like a baby. So there you go, this shows once more that clearing your head in nature is a very nice thing to be able to do.

Have a look at the shots right here, and I also shot a video for this trip. Check it out!
(Yes I notice how I often I mention how tired I am in this video, forgive me, I was so knackered)

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Maternity Photoshoot

Yesterday I got to photograph my good friends. My friends that are expecting a baby very soon. We just headed out into the "Beegderheide" (nice local area with beautiful nature you have probably seen photographs of on my site before)

The weather looked like it was going to spoil the fun. But in the end we got lucky. Very lucky. The sun peeped through the clouds and made everything look so nice. It was as if it knew we were going to shoot right there right then. 

We ended up with a lot of good photographs that really show how happy these guys are with meeting their new family member very soon. Can't you tell? Just look at them :)