Autumn: Vijlenerbos

Autumn is here, and I am super busy. Renovating the house and working on what feels like a thousand projects. All of this is good. I can’t complain. But due to me being super busy I haven’t had the change to go out and capture some of that Autumn goodness. Up until this week… This week it finally happened. And probably right in time, within a few weeks these popping colors will probably be gone.

In this blog, a nice forest in Vijlen, Limburg (NL) south of the country. Lots of pines, elevation changes and beautiful forest trails and paths. A great place to spend a few hours hiking. And so I did. Alright, have a look at my shots below, thank you.

Observing and enjoying the beautiful forest.

Observing and enjoying the beautiful forest.

“Orange Street”

Epic scenery, so much drama in this one.


Panorama shot of the forest, epic colors peeping through in the back.

Making a little pitstop halfway through my hike.

Let’s call this one “The Dead One”

Autumn in full effect.

Piles of freshly cut wood.

The deep, dark forest.

The light was just perfect…

The smell of wood here was amazing

Autumn branches, Contrast. Love it

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Strabrechtse Heide

I am an idiot. But sometimes its nice to be an idiot.
So I went out to shoot some landscape and sunset shots last night, at the Strabrechtse Heide. Very cool, all good. Only to forget how big this natural heath land is. 

So the entire distance that I had walked from where I had parked my car needed to be covered again. I am talking quite some kilometers here. And all in the dark. Now, walking our hiking in the dark is no issue. But at this place it gets DARK!! 

About 30 minutes before the sun went down

About 30 minutes before the sun went down

Trust me, hiking this place in the dark was no joke. It got my adrenaline levels right up, because there's wild boars, wild Highland cattle probably not super happy with me strolling through their habitat during breeding season. While I am actually also managing to find my way back in the pitch black forest. 

But hey, that's my dose of adventure for this week! Haha... But let me tell you, I was quite happy to make it out of the forest a bit faster then usual this time...

Quality time with mother nature.

Quality time with mother nature.

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Norway 2014: Revised

Do you know that feeling, when scrolling through your older work, and feel like you could've done a better job at processing and editing some of that work? Well I do. I very often stumble upon old shots that I first thought to be not good enough to make it as a upload. Anywhere. Actually some of them I have completely ignored after taking them. Thinking they were no good. Just leaving them on my harddrive, taking up space. Never to be shown to the world.

For this particulate reason I like to dive into some folders on my pc with old shots. And so I did last night. Norway. October. 2014. A super amazing trip (I got married during this trip) where I shot a ton of decent material. But there's just so much photographs never being looked at the way I did last night... After playing around with editing a few of them I was quite happy with the selection shown below.

Let me know what you think of these shots! Do you have old and untouched shots laying around? You know what to do!!

These shots were taken in Ersfjordbotn, Tromvik, Rekvik, Grøtfjord and Sommarøy.  All located just outside of Tromsø


Curios about the region? Click the logo to find out more information about Tromsø and its surroundings. You will be redirected to Visit Tromsø's website. Its the official travel guide to Tromsø. Have fun exploring this amazing city and beautiful landscapes surrounding it.

Lightroom Preset: Blue forest

I have been playing around with creating my own presets for Lightroom. This preset actually comes from another preset that I recently made. Have you seen the blog post about the band shoot I had with the guys in Probation? Yes? Noticed the tones, and the look of those shots. Now take a look at these. Right! It basically is the same preset. I have only tweaked it a little bit to just fit a little bit better for landscape/outdoor shots. 

As I was fooling around with the preset I applied it on some older shots. These shots were taken on a dayytip to Germany back in Januari. What do you think? Do you think it works?

What kind of look and tone would you give these shots? Let me know in the comment section below. Also, I am giving away this preset for free. All you have to do is send me message on facebook and share this post on social media! 

Band photoshoot: Probation

A few weeks ago my friends in Probation asked me if I could do a nice photoshoot with them in a urbex location somewhere in Belgium. Obviously I did not hesitate in my answer, and was stoked straight away. Especially because we had planned to go out to some very photogenic and awesome location. This shot below right here, some decent fisheye action going on, yes. But look at the location!! Just so perfect for a band shoot. Its an old and abandoned mine located just outside of Liëge, Belgium. 


Probation is a no-nonsense hardcore/metal/punk band from my area. I have shared the stage with them with my own band a few times actually. They have been playing for about 1,5 years now. But all of the members have played in other bands before. These guys pack a punch and play one hell of a tight live set! Make sure to check out some of their music!
Warning, if you are not in to loud, fast and agressive music this might not for you... Or, take a leap into the unknown and prepare to get blown away.

Also, check their facebook page out RIGHT HERE

Anyways, here are a few more shots from the amazing photoshoot! The fact that it was freezing cold really added to the feel of the shots. The guys didn't complain and posed liked experts. Really fun shoot. Lets'do more of these! Click the images below to see them in their full size.

You play in a band, or you are a musician? You want a photoshoot? Don't hesitate to contact me. Lets go and shoot!

Daytrip to Germany

So after not doing too much over the holiday times, with christmas and all that I recently thought it was time to go out on a decent daytrip again. Because it has been a while. Time to kick off the new year with a decent daytrip!!

Vertical panorama out of 11 separate shots.

Vertical panorama out of 11 separate shots.

My buddy Tom and me took off early in the morning again. To Germany. We spend the day at several locations. We started out down at the water over at the Rursee in the Eifel area. We went to the pretty town of Monschau, and to end the day we went to "Bieley" (that rock on the German/Belgian border where I've been before) We had some decent conditions for photographs. Not the sunset we were hoping for, but hey... at least it did not rain or anything. Take a look at the photographs below, and leave me some feedback/comments. Thank you!

Burg Eltz, Germany

Get ready for a bunch of photos from this amazing location in Germany. I drove up there with my friend Chris Kuik to catch the castle waking up to a new day. So without boring you with a lot of words, ill have the photographs do the talking for me. It was a nice early morning photography session, I can tell you that.

Here are the results. 

"Brand new" photographs from Iceland

Oh my! Today I was working on editing photographs for a beautiful wedding I shot earlier this year. And editing these wedding photos got me really in the mood to edit some more of my travel/landscape photographs. Although I have a lot of new content waiting to be processed and presented to you, for example: my recent trip to Denmark, Sweden and Germany last week. But even still, I always keep on scrolling through my Iceland maps on my PC. I think that I have edited most photos in these folders like multiple times. But I have only shared the "best" shots before. There's just something about these shots that makes me coming back to them and play around with new ideas how to create a nice look and feel.

Obviously this results in a lot of photographs that are just sitting on my computer and never being posted anywhere for you to see them. Well, today is the day that I decided to present you a selection of photographs from my Iceland trip back in June last year.

The very well known Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall just outside the town of Grundarfjörður.

The very well known Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall just outside the town of Grundarfjörður.

All, or at least most shots have never left my computer before. The most of the photographs you will see in this post were taken on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the west of the country and in the more north western located Westfjords region. 

A very typical view down the number 61 road just outside of Hólmavík towards Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. 

A very typical view down the number 61 road just outside of Hólmavík towards Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. 

As soon as you leave the town of Hólmavík going up north deeper into the Westfjords you will make this climb up onto this plateau that is snow covered for at least a decent amount, all year round. Temperatures were also quite low, even in June. Back in Hólmavík it was 16 degrees Celsius and sunny for example. Only to meet temperatures just above freezing point as soon as I got up on the highest point of the climb. I loved it, these temperatures and the not so sunny but moody weather hit the feels, and made me really enjoy Iceland in all its pureness.

Little and beautiful church in Breiðabólstaðar on Snæfellsnes

Little and beautiful church in Breiðabólstaðar on Snæfellsnes

Churches, those small beautiful and very typical Icelandic countryside churces. They are everywhere. From the famous church in Vik down in the south to the ones that almost nobody even knows about them being there. this particular one in Breiðabólstaðar on Snæfellsnes being one of them. Its is literally located in the middle of nowhere. It is located on the road between Búðardalur and Stykkishólmur. Its serving a bunch of farms that are spread out in the area surrounding the church. Walking up to it, hearing nothing but the wind. No people, no cars, just me and this holy place in beautiful Iceland really moved me. I am not super religious or something, but there is no denying the beauty of these small houses of God. Especially those in Iceland that look like this, right?  

You will see a lot of (old and new) bridges crossing these streams or river, throughout the country.

You will see a lot of (old and new) bridges crossing these streams or river, throughout the country.

Iceland is rough, and it can be rough to travel and get around. Not as much as it used to be back in the days ofcourse. But I can only imagine how times were before people had the ring road, or even cars to go from place to place. A fundamental piece to the puzzle for Icelanders (and tourists these days) to travel the country are bridges. And just like the churches, a lot of them. Basically every stream or flow of water you see close to a road will have a or even multiple bridges. There are these very photogenic bridges that are not in use anymore that really make a little stop for a few shots a must for whenever you are exploring the country. This particular bridge is located just north from Búðardalur next to the road towards and coming from the Westfjords.

Snowcapped mountain peaks on Snæfellsnes

Snowcapped mountain peaks on Snæfellsnes

The Snæfellsnes area is often called "mini-Iceland" because it has every kind of landscape that you can find on other places in the country. Glaciers, fjord like bays, lava fields, sharp peaks, black beaches, waterfalls and quite some lakes just to name a few. Below are a few more shots taken in Snæfellsnes.

Driving on Snæfellsnes is great fun, there's plenty of decent and paved roads that will take you to the most know places, like Kirkjufellsfoss and Arnarstapi. But there are also quite a lot of these rough gravel roads. These are the roads that I enjoyed driving the most. Less people (at least tourists) use them so its usually quite nice to be able to slowly make your way on these twisting and turning and sometimes challenging roads. Behind every corner hides a marvelous view towards the sea, or the mountains or anything else amazing Iceland will throw at you. Take your time and enjoy these sights instead of just always following the "easy roads"

Driving on Snæfellsnes is a great experience, it can be tricky sometimes. But you get treated with breathtaking views!

Driving on Snæfellsnes is a great experience, it can be tricky sometimes. But you get treated with breathtaking views!

the town of Grundarfjörður on the right, as seen from the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. 

the town of Grundarfjörður on the right, as seen from the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. 

To end this blog in style I thought it'd be cool to show you a shot from the same location as the first photo in this blog post. Although the same location this photograph looks quite a bit different. All I did is just move away from shooting the very beautiful but intensely photographed waterfall and mountain. I just aimed my camera a bit more to the right to reveal the little town of Grundarfjörður in the distance. Grundarfjörður is a very nice and small fishing village that is growing in population as we speak. It is still a small town though, there are about 875 people living in Grundarfjörður if I am correct. It is very popular due to the mountain and waterfall laying just right outside the town. Anyways, the real story behind this photo is; Don't always go for the classic shot, look around, try to use some different angles and come up with some other shots. There is probably so much more to capture then just that one frame you had in mind, Get creative!

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þakka þér kærlega fyrir! / Thank you very much