Little local trip

This blogpost is crammed with pics that I shot tonight while I was out with my scooter. The weather was great, and my mood was even better. All shots are local, its amazing how beautiful  your own local area is. Just as long as you go out, and venture into it! 

Try looking different at locations you've seen before, make that extra little trip around the corner and see what else is out there! Anyways, here are my photographs from tonight!

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Ladies Event Kessel 2017

Past week I have been taking photographs at the second Ladies Event in Kessel (Limburg, The Netherlands) Just like last year it was a great success. The location for this event was amazing. It was inside the castle of the town, Kasteel de Keverberg. Read more about the castle right here

The event had several local business, such as fashion stores, hairdressers, bookstores and other health and beauty related stands on display. The visitors were welcomed with a packed goodie-bag, and entertained by several interactive speeches and demonstrations during the day. There was live music in between the demonstrations and to top it off there even were several mode shows and a price give away. The event took place during 2 sessions, one afternoon group of visitors and one evening group. Very well organized, smooth and relaxed.

For more information about the event, visit their facebook page.

Take a look at some of the photographs I took at this event.