Colorful Iceland

Cold, windy, wet and raw. That’s what comes to mind when you think of Iceland. And you are right. Iceland can be a very dark, moody and “hard” place. Personally I like that a lot.
This cold and dark vibe gives a nice and moody touch to your photography. Something I like to capture, and with me tons of other photographers too. Take a look at other work on my website and Instagram for that type of work…. But okay, the title of this blog is “Colourful Iceland” so there’s a bunch of vibrant and colourful photographs in this post. Iceland can be very very colourful and bright as well. In summer when there’s a lot of daylight, and no setting sun. But also in winter, with short days and the sun rising and setting throughout the entire day. You will get some crazy good conditions and amazing light if you are lucky. Last month I was on a photography workshop with Páll Jökull, and oh boy.. we got lucky!

Take a look at these images below, popping colors, nice light. All shots were taken on my previous workshop in Iceland.
Also, Páll and myself are offering a Summer photography workshop in Northern Iceland this summer.

Loftsalahellir Cave

Reynisdrangar Seastack

Diamond Beach

Sas stack as seen from Dyrholaey

The Reynisdrangar sea stacks seen from Vik

Glacier Lagoon during sunset

“Secret waterfall”

Páll on a hike, crazy light!

See Páll Jökull’s work by clicking the logo below

My wife, the interior designer

This post goes out to my lovely wife. She is just the best person period to begin with. She has this talent. This really amazing talent. In my eyes she is a very good interior designer. She sees it as a hobby only. But when you look at the style and feel she creates inside the house it really blows me away. As if a professional interior designer came in and did its job. That's how it feels to me at least!

Personally I have not a very good idea of what interior design actually is. Sure I do know what I like, and how I like a house to be decorated and look like. But I don't have these specific skills I think my wife does have. I do know the style is kind of "Scandinavian" if I am correct. But what do I know. This blog post is therefore more of a appreciation then actually telling you something about interior design, because I simply can't, haha...

All I know is that I love the way she plays with light, material, and small details to make our house a home! hit the share and like button below if you agree!!