Video: Denmark and Iceland 2016

Snæfellsnes, Iceland

Last year my wife and I have been to Denmark (as we so often do) and we went to Iceland for the first time. I did shoot some footage with my action camera and turned all that random footage into a little travel video a while ago. But I wasn't really happy with how that turned out, so did not share it around too much.

I've bought a macbook pro recently and I now have Final Cut Pro X, really awesome and super easy to use. Great piece of video editing software. So I re-edited all the footage from our trip and decided to put this out there for you to enjoy!

*Note: I am not a professional videographer, all my video stuff is DIY and amateur. Mainly for fun and learning matters. The shot in this video are random, I did not plan to shoot on any location in particular (so you might miss some of the more typical locations in this video.)
And all footage is just point and shoot, handheld, pretty straight forward stuff. Nothing pro at all. The slow motion of some clips does give a nice cinematic look and feel to it at times, I love that. 

Enjoy! any comments or critique is welcome!