Another waterfall in Iceland "Foss"

Iceland has a lot of waterfalls, really. A whole lot. One of them is this one just simply called “Foss” which means literally waterfall. This specific waterfall is located in the north western part of the country. In the Westfjords to be exact. And to be even more precise, on road 63 about 15 minutes by car south to the town of Bíldudalur. Another fun fact about this waterfall is that the entire ford the waterfall is running into is probably named after the waterfall. You guessed it: Fossfjörður

Check out these images I shot of the waterfall and its direct surroundings.

“Foss” another beautiful Icelandic waterfall

Fossfjörður, beautiful vast and wide fjord.

A bunch of sheep, grazing in paradise. Fossfjörður

Another bunch of sheep, casually crossing the street in front of the Waterfall. Can it get more Icelandic then this?

Fossfjörður in all its beauty. Honestly one of the nicest places in the Westfjords if you ask me.