In co-operation with the companies listed below I offer photography workshops in the following locations:



Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Immensely popular among photographers. Massive waterfalls, impressive fjords, geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and much much more. Together with Icelandic photographer Páll Jökul I offer photography workshops in Iceland. All year round. Wether you are amateur or professional, all photography tours are customized to meet your specific needs. Páll Jökull is an Icelandic professional landscape photographer with high knowledge of photography, photogenic places and the history of Iceland.


Photography Workshops in Iceland, click the images to learn more

The Faroe Islands

One of the photographers paradises, located in the north Atlantic. The Faroe Islands are a must see for any landscape and seascape photographer. Rugged mountains, rough coastlines, fjords. Oh, and sheep… lots of them. Together with local photographers Olaf Olsen and Reidar F Joensen we will take you to the most amazing locations in this stunning country. Click the image to find out more about the tour, and how to book.

svalbard / spitsbergen

Polar bears, the northern lights, big fjords and mountains, arctic conditions. This is Svalbard / Spitsbergen. Together with I offer unique photography workshops in this beautiful location. Explore the archipel by boat, capturing all the elements, spotting and admiring local wildlife and discovering local traditions and culture. Click the image to find out more and book (website is in Dutch)



coming soon!!

Norway, well know and famous for its natural beauty. Fjords, the northern lights and its countless and amazing mountains. My workshops are mainly in Northern Norway. Lofoten and Tromsø area. Sub arctic climate, loads of interesting towns to visit and explore local culture. In co-operation with Tromsø based photographer Lars-Espen Langaug. More information about custom workshops and availability is coming soon.